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Recently, after leading the team to complete relegation, TEDA coach Wang Baoshan accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from the "Haihe Media Sports Center" and talked about the TEDA team's relegation journey this season.


My current feeling is that I want to get a good night's sleep. In these dozens of days, I have hardly had a solid sleep. This is the most difficult time for me to lead the team to relegation, because this special competition system is different from the past. To the outside world that we upset the Shenzhen team, I do not agree, our success in relegation is entirely based on strength.


From the first stage, I found that Zheng Kaimu's physical condition was different from last year. His body was heavy, his stamina was not good, and his strength was very poor, so he took the initiative to withdraw him in the second half of the first stage. Start with him in training and slowly change him. Zheng Kaimu is an important member for us. He has changed a lot after more than 20 days of adjustment. He played well in the first game against Shenzhen Football.


I know Suarez very well. I wanted to introduce him four years ago. At the time, I was a coach in Beijing, but unfortunately I could not complete the transfer. This time we happened to have a spot. We wanted to strengthen our attack and find a striker. The club gave me an afternoon. I was busy from noon to 5:30 in the morning, and finally completed the transfer. I know the characteristics of Suarez very well. He is a missing link in TEDA's offensive system. His joining has a great support for the offense, but he arrived too late in the team and has not reached his best state.


We need to change the formation in the second stage, and this year there are no domestic players to introduce places, so we can only target U21 players. We were looking for such a player when we were in Suzhou. Jiang Shenglong is relatively young, but he is really suitable for our team. When faced with pressure in the relegation playoffs, he performed very well. We also got to know him before the introduction, he is very motivated, and the style of the game is tough, and at the same time the mental quality is very good.


Through this period of training, we have repeatedly communicated with the players. I told them that a team needs many factors to come out of adversity, but there is one commonality, that is, unity and fighting spirit and winning. Desire. Of course, I think everyone is doing better and better.


Ahmedov said to me, thank the team, thank the team for being united as a family. After he came to the team, he felt that it was a very cohesive and effective team, and warm. Ahmedov told me that he hopes his father can recover as soon as possible, so that he can come back as soon as possible, and hope that we will continue to work hard in the next game.


I am also very looking forward to the FA Cup match!


Thank you Tianjin fans for giving a lot of support and encouragement during the team's most difficult time. Although our results in the first stage made them angry and dissatisfied, the second stage still supported us as always. Especially when the team was training in Tianjin during the double festival, many people gave up the rest and came to watch the training to encourage the team. Thanks to the fans and hope that everyone will continue to support us.


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