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Hupu News, October 6 Yesterday, Shandong Luneng Club officially announced that Li Xiaopeng would no longer serve as the head coach. "Football" newspaper revealed that Li Xiaopeng will fully delegate power to Hao Wei this time.

虎报新闻,10月6日,山东鲁能俱乐部昨日正式宣布,李小鹏将不再担任主教练。 《足球报》透露,李小鹏这次将把权力完全委派给郝伟。

According to reports, on October 5, the Luneng Club officially announced that Li Xiaopeng would no longer serve as the head coach due to physical reasons and was changed to the club’s deputy general manager and technical director. Hao Wei, former assistant to the club's head coach and technical director, served as the head coach.


This news quickly shook the Chinese football world, because Li Xiaopeng did not seem to have too many signs after class: Although Luneng's performance in the first stage of the Chinese Super League was not perfect, it was generally considered satisfactory, and its results basically met the team's performance. Strength, so few people would have thought that Li Xiaopeng would resign, but the development of things eventually exceeded the expectations of the outside world.


However, it is worth noting that the physical reasons mentioned by the club may be considered by the outside world to be an excuse, but what the reporter has learned is that Li Xiaopeng’s body does have a problem: during the Dalian game, Li Xiaopeng’s body was not very good. I once had a high fever. Gua Sha was performed on the chest and throat. The throat, chest and other parts were purple, which was amazing. As for the cause of Li Xiaopeng's illness, it is obviously also related to the high-pressure public opinion environment he endured as the Luneng coach.


In fact, during the Dalian game, Sun Hua, the general manager of Luneng Club, was the first to cheer for the team contactlessly in the green zone (non-isolated area), but in mid-September, Sun Hua entered the isolation area and closed the team together. And until the end of the first stage of the game, this move is also to express support for Li Xiaopeng. In view of the situation of the team at that time, Li Xiaopeng finally finished the team's game in Dalian with an illness.


After completing the first stage of the game, taking into account Li Xiaopeng’s wishes and Li Xiaopeng’s physical condition, Luneng also adjusted the corresponding positions of the club and the team. Technical director and assistant head coach Hao Wei served as the head coach, and Li Xiaopeng remained Served as the club's deputy general manager, at the same time as the club's technical director, and stepped down as the head coach.


During the 2018 season as Luneng coach, Li Xiaopeng led his team to achieve the third best result in the league. In the 2019 season, Luneng played in two lines. The AFC became the only Chinese team with the first group in the group and ranked fifth in the league. In the 2018 and 2019 seasons, Li Xiaopeng led his team to win the FA Cup runner-up. This season, Li Xiaopeng led his team to third in Group A of the first stage and advanced to the championship group. In addition, Li Xiaopeng was elected the best coach for two consecutive years in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. From the perspective of Li Xiaopeng's coaching, although his coaching results are not perfect, they are very stable, and his fighting spirit and team spirit have also been universally recognized.


Li Xiaopeng recommended and supported Hao Wei as the head coach of Luneng. Although Hao Wei is one year younger than Li Xiaopeng, as early as the 2009 season, only 33 years old Hao Wei became the youngest head coach of the Chinese Super League, and subsequently served as the assistant coach of Evergrande. Later, he was invited back to Shandong by Luneng and assisted Li Xiaopeng during his tenure as Luneng coach. The Luneng Club has always attached great importance to the training of Hao Wei. Hao Wei also served as the head coach of the 1997 National Olympic team. Although the National Olympic team did not qualify in the end, it is also subject to the overall development of Chinese football. On the contrary, the technical and tactical content of the National Olympic team in many games is still impressive. approved.


The Luneng Club stated on its official Weibo: “The club will always focus on strengthening the selection of local coaches, the training of club management talents and the construction of youth training, and is determined to increase the training of Chinese football talents and contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of Chinese football. Strength." It is reported that Hao Wei's ability to stabilize the position of Luneng coach has a certain relationship with the team's subsequent performance in the second stage of the Super League and the FA Cup. The current news also shows that after Li Xiaopeng leaves office, he will completely delegate power to Hao Wei. He will not appear on the bench. For physical reasons, he may not go to the Suzhou Division.


At present, Luneng Club is also gradually changing. After the equity reform, Jinan Cultural Tourism, the largest shareholder of Luneng Club, has also gradually become familiar with and contact the management and operation of the club.


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